Cake Delivery


I come from a very varied background, with experiences ranging from Teaching to Human resources however neither of which made me as happy and as passionate as I am about Pastry. 

I decided to pursue my passion of becoming a pastry chef which then led me to study at Le Cordon Bleu London. This is where I learnt classic French Pastry skills ranging from important techniques in creation and decoration of classic patisserie, contemporary restaurant desserts to showpieces. 

Following this, I also worked at the 5 star Langham hotel in London as a Pastry chef where I learnt precision, attention to detail and most importantly learning how to understand the ingredients you are working with and to create a philosophy in each creation. 

For me, the most important thing about pastry besides the way it looks, is the taste. If the cake is strawberry and basil, then those flavours must be distinct and distinguishable when we bite into it. We also pride ourselves on creating pastries with less sugar and fat whilst maintaining that incredible flavour. 

You will therefore find that at Mon Cerise Patisserie, we source the finest French ingredients for our pastries as they need to taste as GOOD as they look. 

Mon Cerise Patisserie in the media